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The purpose of the survey is to gather as much information about the condition of the vessel before purchase or sale.


The engagement of attending and investigating the causes of marine vessel incidents.


This survey is meant to be a general overview of the vessel and its systems for insurance underwriting and financing.

When dealing with marine craft, knowledge is safety. Knowing your vessel intimately, beyond its charming good looks, helps to keep you and your loved ones safe out on the water.  An accurate survey informs you of the potential hazards and any shortcomings in your vessel's condition, which allows you to address the problem at an appropriate time.  Save yourself from last-minute surprises by having your sail or power boat surveyed - before you buy it, after you upgrade it, and periodically throughout the years.

With over 40 years servicing Southern Ontario and thousands of surveys completed, let Marine Associates of Port Perry Inc. be your trusted source for marine information.